Agreen Fibra


The new windows profile Agreen Fibra differentiates itself by innovative material. The profile is made by high resistance composed fiber which offers great advantages: extraordinary stability, max twisting stiffness and unrivalled lightness.
From energetic point of view Agreen Fibra is the best PVC window profile never made on the market with thickness of 86 mm. It can achieve Uf values as per Passive House standard up to 0,75 W/m2K. Its extraordinary features meet static requirements never achieved; it means slim design windows (115 mm of occupied architectural space) which can achieve out of reach sizes. Therefore Agreen Fibra gives new architectural possibilities due to its profiles, the first one with full body without steel reinforcement profiles which allows producing different and original shapes windows.
From Burglary resistance side Agreen Fibra is class 2; regarding acoustic insulation it has max insulation possible (Rw window is 47 dB, by using glass of 50 dB).