Energy Saving


Agreen joineries have been studied for meeting modern houses needs which find on Energy savings, Design and Environmental Sustainability their integral references. Even more designers, architects, think about environmental sustainability a Key element for ethic as well as aesthetic matter. The attention towards natural and eco-friendly materials, due to their recyclable features, is constantly growing along with the desire to avoid wasting. Agreen completely shares this way by proposing solutions for joineries which meet all these features without excluding view-comfort by dedicating refined finishes choice

Thermal insulation
Agreen PVC, thanks to low conduction property, is a perfect material for guarantying high thermal insulation.

Acustic insulation
Thanks to molecular structure, Agreen PVC is a deaf material which forms a real soundproof barrier with high acoustic insulation level.

Safety Sistem Burglary
By using multi-locking point with rip tightness system and PA4 glass, Agreen windows can achieve anti- burglary class 3 (without reinforcement profiles to class 2).

Environmental Sustainability
Agreen systems are light as well as very well balanced thanks to steel soul and sophisticated material. Thanks to elastic PVC features they are also very resistant to impacts and atmospheric agents giving big duration from functional to aesthetic point of view. Agreen windows resist to hard atmospheric conditions, temperature leap, fine dusts, mould, dried salt and acids.

Environmental sustainability
All PVC Agreen windows are easily and fully eco-friendly, concept in line with company vision which finds in eco-sustainability fundamental guide-line.

Energy savings
Thanks to high thermal insulation and keeping efficiency capability over the time without extraordinary maintenance, Agreen systems guarantees high Energy savings translated into heating and cooling buildings cost reduction.