Agreen Home Slide


Due to Multi-Chambers frame profiles, to detailed manufacturing and double brush gasket, the sliding system Agreen Home Slide makes comfortable living spaces, furthermore it has insulated glass. The glass occupies the most part of window area therefore plays the biggest role for thermal insulation. Acoustic insulation is mainly given by glass type. By installing insulated glass it can reach optimal results and enjoy peace and silence avoiding external noise.
Well-finished design gives elegant appearance to sliding system and inserts it in every architectural ambiance harmoniously, also, thanks to 3rd rail, it is possible to achieve sliding doors and windows in 2,3,4 and 6 wings. Agreen Home Slide system differentiates itself not only for design and technical features, but for simple sliding movement, for rain and wind tightness and for easy frame cleaning thanks to smooth surface and inclined narrowing which allows fast water-rain draining. Finally reinforced chambers have been designed for meeting static needs of big size windows too.